About Us

Sigma Electronics has been in business since 1993.  We have witnessed great changes in the area of information technology.  The servers and computers have gotten smaller and more powerful and efficient over the years.  Many of the smart phones on the market today have hundreds of times the power of computers we worked on when first starting out.  Sigma Electronics has evolved  into a company ready to tackle the challenges any customer may have today as well as into the future. Sigma Electronics’ main market focus is the small to mid sized company that is larger enough to require some IT maintenance and support but is too small to have a full-time staff to carry out required tasks to support it’s IT requirements. 

The owner of Sigma Electronics, Todd Slovisky, graduated from The University of Akron in 1990 with a BSET degree.  He soon realized after working in a local IBM authorized computer sales and service business that there were many opportunities to work on IBM “Clone”  types of computers.   He left the local  IBM authorized company to take a chance and start Sigma Electronics.  The IBM knock off market provided a higher profit margin and needed local support.  Dell computer came into the marketplace and opened the door to provide our customers with a more stable computer and required less hardware support.  At this point, the owner of Sigma Electronics saw an opportunity to provide software and network support for local customers.  He is constantly keeping his skills and knowledge up to date on current technology to provide the most value to our customers.