Client Reviews

  Here at Sigma Electronics, we value our customer’s opinions. We have a satisfaction guarantee and we stand by that. Client relationships are a top priority to us and we would love to share some of the stories from our happy customers.

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Thanks Todd! You came through for us again. Due to a squirrel attack outside our Machine shop, we had a power outage that fried some circuits as well as the squirrel.

After Ohio Edison got the electric back on, you got us up and running quickly the same day. Sigma set up our networking in our new building in 2012, including set up of the computer to send cad/cam programs to machines. Great job!

JILco has been a customer of Sigma since the late 80’s and whether it is an IT need at home or at the Shop, your fast and friendly service, plus having what we need when we need it is HUGE! ALL AT A FAIR PRICE! Sigma is great!

-John Shepard, Jilco Precision Mold and Machine Inc.

Our company has used Sigma Electronics for over 25 years. The reason we keep asking them to help us is that Todd is excellent at what he does. He is reliable with both work and times. If he gets held up at a client site, he keeps us posted as to when he’ll arrive. He is no nonsense—he sits down and tackles the problem.

He is very fast at diagnosing what is wrong.  I cannot think of a single problem he was unable to solve. Some of our problems have been caused by faulty hardware, but anything that could be solved, he’s found a way to do it. Often trying to solve a computer problem reveals several additional problems. Todd doesn’t have difficulty unraveling these and is even patient as he solves them.

He has enabled our small business to keep running smoothly, and it is a huge relief to know we can count on him.

-Susan Mann, Matrix Plastics Co.