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Custom Software, Databases and Consulting

  Now, more than ever, businesses must rely on technology to keep up with their competitors. Even the simplest of businesses grows more complicated every day. You cannot afford for your competitors to know more about their business than you know about yours. How do you capture and keep track of all of the information about your business and your customers? Once you have captured the information, how do you make sense of it all? Can you distill all of your business data down to 3 or 5 key variables that can quickly tell you the health of your business? If you cannot positively answer all of these questions, then Sigma Electronics is here to help you.

Through the application of readily available technologies, we can help you get a handle on your business data and assist you in developing methods to test the temperature of your business. Sigma consultants work closely with you to assess the technological needs of your business, and then, we are able to implement a solution customized to the exact needs your business. If you are ready to seize control of your business, give us a call, and we will get to work on your business data so you can get to work on your business.

Sigma’s Custom Software services offer small businesses the opportunity to have specialized enterprise software developed specifically for their business. We use the latest software development technologies from the worlds largest vendors to produce cutting edge software solutions specific to your business needs. This software implements business logic that translates your company's data into information. Then, you can use this information to make quick, accurate decisions about your business. Custom Software allows your business to integrate processes, automate services and present information in a format that makes sense to you. Our Custom Software services include: Software built on cutting edge platforms like Micorsoft .NET, Integration into current software and databases, One-on-one interaction with the software developers, Integration of the software into the network, User training and development.

Businesses have always had the need to organize their data. Filing cabinets, portfolios and file folders have traditionally been the mainstay of most businesses. With the advent of affordable computer technology, there is now a faster, easier, and more reliable way to organize your business' mission critical data. Sigma Electronics offers a wide variety of custom database solutions for your company. Using the latest in technology and old-fashioned customer service, Sigma Electronic can provide your business with a database for any purpose. Some of our services include: Database consulting services, General database management and data recovery, Custom database design for business, Integrated database systems built on Microsoft technology, Database server installation and maintenance, SQL database administration, Electronic purchasing system solutions

Many companies are not sure if they need new technology, which technologies would benefit them, which business problems technology can help solve, and most of all how technology can benefit them. At Sigma Electronics we can answer all of those questions and many others. Our consultants will take a hard look with you at your current technology and help you develop a solid technology strategy for your business. If you are not sure how to use technology to increase your company's success, we can help. Our Consulting Services include, but are not limited to, the following: Network security issues, Internet connectivity, Virus protection, Backup solutions, Server needs and upgrades, Web presence, Network schema overview, Printing and faxing issues, Business process consulting and improvement, Task automation