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  If your company's computers were to stop working today, how much work could you do? Has your company become large enough to require multiple computers, but you don't know how to link them together? Do you need a central computer to store your information, but do not understand the process involved? Is your company large enough to need a network technician, but you can't afford to hire one full time? Is your current IT provider not able to handle your needs? These are our specialties. Sigma Electronics understands small business computer needs. We specialize in computer solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Sigma Electronics has over 10 years experience in small business computer networking.

If your company has two computers or one hundred, Sigma Electronics has a solution for you. Our staff will evaluate your company's needs and develop a solution that fits your budget and allows your business to grow without the hassle of difficult computer systems. Sigma Electronics is interested in building relationships with our clients and aiding the growth of our customers' businesses. If you are ready for your business to take the next step into the information age, give us a call.

Sigma’s Desktop Support Service offers small businesses the opportunity to have a technician troubleshoot and maintain workstations and desktops in a server-less environment. This level of support is designed for companies with 2 to 10 computers in a workgroup environment. The Desktop Support Service can be set up on a need-for-support basis or as part of our monthly Network Administration Program.

Small Business Network Support is designed for small to medium-sized businesses operating in a server environment. This level of support provides for a technician to troubleshoot, maintain, and expand existing small business server networks. The Small Business Network Support service can be set up on a need-for-support basis or as part of our monthly Network Administration Program.

Our Network Administration Package is a deluxe package for companies with the need for continual network support in a server environment. This package includes all of the services of the Small Business Network Support service as well as a dedicated senior technician to exclusively maintain and upgrade a company's network systems. This technician will supervise all aspects of the network and be the single point of contact between your company and Sigma Electronics. The Network Administration Package is set up as a monthly service with block billing.